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Family Resource Center


Family Resource Center Director/Social Worker -  Tracy Gentrup-Ruebusch
Phone Number (859) 392-7003

What is a Family Resource Center?

Family Resource Centers were created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act. The intent of the centers is to enhance the students' abilities to succeed in school by assisting children and families in meeting some of their basic needs. FRC's provide community services and link families to existing community agencies.

Who can use the Dayton Family Resource Center?

The Dayton FRC provides services to all members of our community, regardless of income. The Dayton FRC serves all children ages preschool through sixth grade and their families. This includes children not yet of school age and those attending private school, as well as the children and families of Lincoln Elementary School. Students and families may visit the center on their own or a teacher, principal, judge, or counselor may suggest a visit.

What services does the FRC provide?

We sponsor Parenting Programs and Parental Involvement Programs for six week
increments throughout the year.

We refer families to various health and social services agencies and to
licensed child care providers.

The Dayton FRC provides assistance on an emergency basis during times of

We sponsor an annual back to school "festival" to prepare all children for
the upcoming school year.

We link families in need with donated meals and gifts during Thanksgiving
and Christmas.


8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Other hours are available by appointment

Please contact Tracy Gentrup-Ruebusch (Ms. Tracy) with any further questions at 392-7003